Texas FM Guest DJ Pic

Wanna guest DJ an hour on 93.1 Texas FM? All you have to do is pick five tunes, record the audio or video on your phone using the script below (Feel free to improvise) and email it to us at submit@texasfm.com. If we run it you'll get a free Texas FM T-Shirt and we'll let you know when it will air so you can tell all your friends.

(Listener) Hey it’s _____________ and I’m gonna be the special guest DJ on 93.1 Texas FM next Thursday at noon

(Listener) What’s up Lubbock, I’m __________ and I’m the guest DJ on 93.1 Texas FM this Thursday at noon

(Listener) This is ____________. For the next hour I’ll be the special guest DJ here on 93.1 Texas FM so I can share some of my favorite Texas Red Dirt tunes with you. (Intro first tune).

(Listener) Hey it’s ___________ and I’m guest DJing this hour on 93.1 Texas FM. (Intro second tune)

(Listener) What’s up Lubbock, this is _____________ your noon hour guest DJ today on 93.1 Texas FM. To find out how you can guest DJ an hour email submit@texasfm.com. (Intro third tune)

(Listener) Hey it’s your guest DJ ___________ on 93.1 Texas FM, online at Texas FM dot com. (Intro fourth tune)

(Listener) Hello Lubbock, it’s __________ and I’ve enjoyed guest DJing today on my favorite station, 93.1 Texas FM, hanging out with you guys via the radio and sharing my favorite Texas Red Dirt tunes. (Intro fifth tune)

(Liner) Hey it's _________ from __________ and you're listening to Lubbock’s home for Texas Red Dirt, 93.1 Texas FM