The Little Blue Trailer

The Little Blue Trailer has a special offer for its customers to 'pay what you can'. The Lubbock food truck is located at 50th and Memphis.

Lubbock food truck the Little Blue Trailer is known for its barbeque. 

Over the past year, owner Jim Larner has made a special offer for customers to 'pay what you can'.

Larner has been whipping up barbeque in the Little Blue Trailer for three years. But this isn't just any business, it's a labor of love and his retirement hobby.

"When COVID first started, you know, everybody was down," he said. "A lot of people didn't have any money. So we said for a couple of days we'll let people pay what they can." 

A gesture full of grace and the power to feed hungry families that started as a couple of days, now extending through the new year.

"Something that we were going to do for a few days we've now been doing for over a year. And we plan on continuing it," Larner said. 

It's a give and take to make 'pay what you can' work. Larner uses some of his money, couple with customer donations. 

"Basically what we do when somebody needs a little help, I pay half, we take half out of the donations and that way it doesn't sting so much," he said. 

He added not a single person has taken advantage of his offer. 

"We were prepared for that. We thought, you know, there will be a few because there always are. And it just hasn't happened," he said. 

As it turns out, West Texans did the exact opposite with donations in hopes of funding other people's meals. 

"Every time the donations get low and we get to that point where there's not any, somebody comes in with it. Somebody comes through," he said.

And every little bit counts Larner said to make what he does possible.

The Little Blue Trailer is located at 50th and Memphis in the Homebase Sutherland's parking lot.