David Wilde

The son of an Army Officer, David Wilde spent the first part of his life bouncing from one Army base to another. From Texas, to Germany, to Panama and back again. David was first introduced to country music by his Granddad in Angleton, Texas during they hey day of 80’s country. He can recall going fishing on the docks of Galveston, cranking old Merle, Randy Travis, Alabama. Now flash forward to his early college years David was introduced to the then emerging “Red Dirt” music scene in Oklahoma. Spending many nights watching shows at the (now gone) Wormy Dog Saloon in Stillwater, Oklahoma. He recalls driving to Stillwater from Edmond, Oklahoma with only ten bucks in his pocket just to see bands considered “up and comers” at the time like The Great Divide, No Justice and Cross Canadian Ragweed. That could now explain his fascination with classic Red Dirt and his daily routine of launching every show with a Ragweed tune. David started his very first radio gig around 2001 in Oklahoma City, which happened to be a Red Dirt/pop hybrid. Keep in mind at the time there simply was not enough Texas/Red Dirt Music to support a full format. Wilde recalls a combination of Red Dirt and Toby Keith songs and needless to say, it was a love hate relationship. Years later in 2008 David made the decision to drop everything and make Lubbock his home. Wilde recalls being very unsure about the decision at the time, but turned out to be one of the best decisions he has made.  It did not take long for Wilde to establish himself as a recognizable voice on the Lubbock airwaves. He credits Lubbock for reigniting his passion for radio and Red Dirt/Texas Music. These days you can find David either spending time with his only son or catching a show at one of our many live music venues.